Beaty Adventure

Inspiration is hard to find at times, and many times it seems to slip through your fingers. We are trying to live in these fleeting moments of inspiration by traveling the world, together, as a family. We hope you can hold onto this "feeling" as we share our adventure with you.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The view down the street is our way to the grocery store. The town is made up of these small winding roads with houses like this lining the path. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Today is the Carneval celebration for Fat Tuesday in Supetar. We wanted to head down for the parade, but we fell a little behind and made it for the tail end of the parade of children in their costumes. The parade went along the Supetar Riva all the way to the harbor. We enjoyed beignets (fresh Croatian style donuts!) and crepes (which is tradition in the north-east of Croatia) to celebrate, along with some huge cotton candy that we found at a vendor near the square. Of course, the kids loved all the food. The music played from a stage in the center of the town square while we walked around and listened to all the families and people chatting and running around.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

We took the ferry to Split with our friend Ksenija to have lunch and explore the main square.  The main square of Split was built in 305 AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian.  He built it to be his retirement palace but it is much more like a castle or fortress.  Today it is what you would think of as a Mall.  It has modern shops, restaurants, and ice cream bars.  As the sun went down there were tween aged kids and younger just hanging out with friends eating ice cream and enjoying the Friday night out.  Safe has an entirely new meaning.  I could only explain it by describing it as 1950’s small town America.  It is full of “Mom and Pop” shops and kids hanging out at the ice cream parlor, this place has continued to be a beautiful surprise.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I have been surprised by many of the places we have visited, but none more than of this place. Croatia is many things and here are a few pics from our day of what we have found Croatia is:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I started the day waking up in our room of the ferry (more like a small cruise ship than a ferry) to Brandon’s watch alarm going off, it was 6:00am. We were all cozied up in our bunks and you could not even tell we were moving across the water. We slowly woke up and started getting dressed and packed back up again when the man came around to knock on the doors and wake all the passengers. When we pulled into port we passed through customs to get our Croatia stamp in our passports. The ladies behind the desk looked at our pictures and smiled at the kids when they saw their cute passport pictures.  We were surprised when the greeted us in English.  (Later we found out that 80% of the people here speak English, way more than in Italy.) We rolled our bags into the building and found the place to buy our next ferry tickets. Brandon ran over to a small supermarket in the building and bought chocolate Croatian pastries for breakfast. We sat outside and watched the seaplanes and ferries while we ate. We were able to board thirty minutes before the ferry took off and found a booth to sit in and watch out the window. When the ferry was close enough to see the island of Brac, (pronounced Bratch) the kids started getting excited. When we pulled in and lugged all of our suitcases down the non-working escalator, the lady we were renting from was waiting for us. I had made a strange connection to this woman over many emails and feel very at home with her already.  Her name is Ksenija and the children ran up and hugged her like we were old friends. She held Molly and Riley’s hands as we walked over to her car to load up for the ride to the apartment. Once we were unloaded, Ksenija took me to the market to buy some food. Afterwards, she took Sarah, Molly and I to the cove where she plays with her dog, Maggie. Sarah played catch with the dog with a ball and then with sticks in the water. The water is so clear here and sandy it is amazing. After all that excitement we came home fixed dinner and made our way to bed.  So many things to think about but certainly a great day and now we are ready for bed after a long day.

The kids watching the island of Brac come into view.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We are winding down here in Italy. We have had the best 3 months here, full of many great adventures and we have many new memories from such a beautiful place. The food is amazing, the wine is great, the people are wonderful and the experience of being here is worth a lifetime of memories. But as our time here is coming to an end, our excitement for our next adventure is beginning to build.

The next adventure we have chosen is on a beautiful island surrounded by amazing blue seascapes. We are going to Croatia. The stories and the beauty we have read about seems irresistible and something we just have to experience for ourselves. We are ecstatic to learn and teach our children about their culture and meet new friends. Be sure to check back on how the adventure unfolds.

We also have started a photo store where you can buy a postcard from our travels.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

We have got to say a special “Thank You!” to the family owned Taxi company. Bruno, and his two sons Ivan and Alessio were a great addition to this amazing trip.  They were more than kind and helpful, they shared a great tour of their city that will forever move us. If you are in the Formia-Gaeta area of Italy please call them 320 1608590. 

Grazie di Tutto